Functional Medicine

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Functional medicine treatment is fueled by two powerful principles: removing the underlying causes, and restoring normal function to the body.


Most of today’s researchers and physicians in both conventional and alternative medicine take a disease-focused approach to their patient's health needs. Their goal with this approach is to match each of the thousands of named diseases and conditions with a nutritional and pharmaceutical cure.


As a practitioner interested in true health and the welfare of my patients, I have chosen to approach my patients' named diseases in a different manner.

Functional medicine is patient-focused and not disease-focused. For example, I am not treating the patient's fibromyalgia, I am assessing the weaknesses and imbalances in the patient’s body to try to understand why the patient has fibromyalgia. By discovering and correcting the underlying causes of disease or dysfunction of the body, the body can return to a state of health and wellness.