BrainSpan at ProActive Health

A Comprehensive Look into Brain Health Assessment

November 16, 2023

In the pursuit of optimal health and wellness, understanding the intricacies of the brain stands paramount. ProActive Health, always at the forefront of holistic health solutions, introduces BrainSpan – a pioneering assessment tool that offers profound insights into cellular and brain health. Let's delve deeper into understanding BrainSpan and how ProActive Health is harnessing its capabilities.

1. Introduction to BrainSpan at ProActive Health

BrainSpan is more than just a test; it's an essential compass in navigating the complex terrain of brain health. As a diagnostic tool, it measures the balance of essential fatty acids in red blood cells, offering a snapshot of one's cellular health, particularly concerning the brain. Recognizing the profound impact of diet on cognitive function, ProActive Health has integrated BrainSpan into its suite of diagnostic tools.

2. The BrainSpan Process

ProActive Health ensures a seamless BrainSpan experience:

- A patient provides a small blood sample via a finger prick.

- This sample undergoes a meticulous analysis to measure essential fatty acid levels.

- Alongside this, cognitive tests are administered, targeting memory, attention, and processing

- ProActive Health then compiles this data into an insightful report, shedding light on cellular
  health and its ramifications on brain function.

3. The Role of Fatty Acids in Brain Health

The foundation of BrainSpan lies in understanding the significance of fatty acids:

- Omega-3 Fatty Acids: Essential for brain development and function, these are integral in
  mitigating inflammation. Their deficiency can manifest in cognitive and mood-related issues.


- Omega-6 Fatty Acids: These have both anti-inflammatory and pro-inflammatory properties.
  An imbalance, especially an excess, can trigger inflammation and potential cognitive concerns.

At ProActive Health, the aim is to harness this data, guiding individuals toward a balanced diet that promotes optimal brain health.

4. The Bridge Between Cellular Health and Cognitive Function

BrainSpan's genius lies in its ability to correlate dietary habits with cognitive (can we please use a different word?) . ProActive Health's professionals can, based on the BrainSpan report, offer targeted dietary and lifestyle recommendations to address any identified imbalances.

5. Who Should Consider BrainSpan at ProActive Health?

While everyone can gain insights from BrainSpan, ProActive Health especially recommends it for:

- Seniors: For those wary of age-related cognitive changes, arthritis, cardiovascular events, and


- Individuals with Mood Disorders: A deep dive to understand the dietary correlations with
  conditions like depression or anxiety.


- People with Cognitive Concerns: To pinpoint any dietary factors contributing to cognitive

It is truly for all age groups: prenatal, children, athletes, sports performance, adults, the elderly, and concussion resilience. 

6. Why Choose ProActive Health for BrainSpan Assessments?

With a reputation for holistic care, ProActive Health ensures:

- A comprehensive understanding of BrainSpan results.


- Tailored recommendations, going beyond just dietary changes.


- Integration of BrainSpan data with other health assessments for a 360-degree view of one's

7. Understanding the Bigger Picture

ProActive Health emphasizes that while BrainSpan is a revolutionary tool, it's part of a broader health mosaic. Genetics, lifestyle, and other factors intertwine with dietary habits in influencing brain health.

8. In Conclusion

BrainSpan, with its potential to reshape our understanding of brain health, finds an apt home at ProActive Health. For those in pursuit of cognitive excellence, or merely seeking to understand their brain better, ProActive Health’s integration of BrainSpan offers an invaluable resource. Through this partnership, the path to brain optimization becomes clearer, more actionable, and tailored to individual needs.

Visit us at ProActive Health today to “Align Your Spine, Realign Your Life!”

Ready to see a chiropractor, whether for the first time or as someone looking to visit a new chiropractic office? Dr. Doug Patterson or Dr. Michael Hummer at ProActive Health is the top choice in the Michiana area! They will help guide you in developing a plan to tackle a routine exercise plan, consuming the right foods, and targeting your goals with chiropractic care.

Dr. Doug Patterson hurt his back in 1993 thus he first sought the care of a Chiropractor. After this experience, he decided he wanted to help people himself by pursuing chiropractic. He is a 1997 graduate of the Life University College of Chiropractic in Marietta, Georgia, and has been in practice for 25+ years. Since then, Dr. Doug has expanded his field of practice to include functional medicine,  science-based nutrition, and now certified in Shockwave Therapy. Schedule a visit with Dr. Doug at ProActive Health today!

Dr. Michael Hummer is native to northern Indiana. He grew up very active and found great enjoyment playing football, rugby, and wrestling. Dr. Mike earned his undergraduate degree in Dietetics at Ashland University where as a student-athlete he was a member of the varsity wrestling team. After graduation, he went on to become a personal trainer, and through his passion for both fitness and nutrition, he helped people to achieve their own goals and acquire greater health and wellness. At the same time, he also enjoyed working with and inspiring the local youth throughout his community through his dedication as a volunteer wrestling coach. Now Dr. Mike is excited to apply his education from Logan University and versatile skill set in aiding the community as they strive for greater health and happiness. Dr. Mike is also certified in Shockwave Therapy. Schedule a visit with Dr. Mike at ProActive Health today!

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