Shockwave Therapies

Acoustic Wave Therapy are non-invasive and painless procedures that use low-intensity acoustic waves to treat chronic conditions resulting in poor healing from poor blood flow. These therapies can help to improve blood flow. They can also help stimulate the growth of new blood vessels, repair damaged tissues and reduce scar tissue.‏‏ Ultimately, it allows the body to rescue damaged tissue and restore function to that area by activating connective tissue.
 What Is Acoustic Wave Therapy?‏

There are two different types of Acoustic Wave Therapy. These are Focus Shockwave Therapy and Radial Pressure Wave. These therapies are used to address different kinds of problems. They can also be used as a combination. Focus Shockwave therapy (which is electromagnetically generated, high energy, deep penetrating and precisely focused on a very small area) is generally used to deal with deeper, more localized pain points. For instance, it can be used to address musculoskeletal conditions like plantar fasciitis with or without heel spurs (FDA approved), frozen shoulder, bursitis, knee joint issues, tendonitis or chronic arthritis, etc. Radial Pressure Wave (the pulse is generated by compressed air that drives a projectile in a cylinder) is usually used to treat larger musculoskeletal conditions like: plantar fasciitis with or without heel spurs, muscle sprains, trigger points, piriformis syndrome, low back/ thoracic pain, cervical neuralgia, trigger finger and muscular cramps. 

These technologies can accelerate healing of soft tissue injuries by targeting the body’s healing process. They then use energy to improve blood flow and to encourage the formation of new blood vessels. This is a process known as angiogenesis.‏ 

Radial Pressure Wave Therapy (RPW) vs Focus Shockwave Therapy‏‏‏

Radial Pressure Wave Therapy
Radial Pressure Wave therapy can be used to treat more superficial injuries. It is also used for conditions like plantar fasciitis, gout, tennis elbow, and bursitis. RPW makes use of low-intensity sound waves to speed up the body’s healing process. RPW can be used to treat larger areas underneath the skin. It has a slower impulse rate and limited energy emission.‏‏

Advantages of RPW Therapy‏‏
• Used to treat the causes rather than symptoms
‏• It is a safe and non-invasive treatment method that has zero side effects‏
• There are no incisions made‏It only takes a few days to start noticing results‏. The average treatment plan is once a week for 5-8 (+/-) visits‏
• The method has proven lasting results‏
• Compatible with other methods 

Disadvantages of RPW Therapy‏‏‏
• It is not a catch-all treatment‏
• Requires patience‏ ‏
• Should not be used on pregnant women, and people taking meds that affect blood clotting, as well as Cortisone injections 6 weeks prior to first RPW treatment. (However, further information and discussion of your situation is needed)

Focus Shockwave Therapy
‏‏‏Focus Shockwave Therapy, on the other hand, is used to address deeper injuries. It can be used to treat conditions such as plantar fasciitis, chronic tendonitis or bursitis. The energy waves used by this technique are produced by an electromagnetic pulse. These waves can penetrate deeper into the tissues, and they are efficient when isolating a very specific and precise area. Unlike Radial Pressure Wave Therapy, Shockwave Therapy makes use of a faster impulse and higher energy emission.‏ 

Advantages of FOCUS Shockwave Therapy
• Fast and effective pain relief‏
• Mobility can be restored in no time at all
‏• It is a non-invasive procedure‏
• There is no risk of infection
• Extremely safe‏
• There is no downtime
• It can greatly speed up the rate of healing

Disadvantages of Focus Shockwave Therapy‏
• You may need a couple of appointments... typical plan once a week for 4-8 (+/-) visits
• Should not be used on pregnant women, and people taking meds that affect blood clotting, as well as Cortisone injections 6    weeks prior to first RPW treatment. (However, further information and discussion of your situation is needed)
‏ ‏

While other treatment methods like pills and steroid injections will be effective by only treating symptoms rather than the underlying cause. As a result, while other treatments will have a temporary effect, the results of Focus Shockwave therapy and Radial Pressure Wave are long-lasting. 

This makes them superior choices to other treatments.

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