Chiropractic Care During Pregnancy

Bringing a new baby into this world is a beautiful thing. However, it can be a long and tedious process that causes strain on your body. Many women tend to experience increased back pain, changes in their pelvis as they prepare for labor, and changes to their overall posture.

Often, a doctor will recommend that you see a chiropractor who can offer you the care you need to alleviate any of the symptoms discussed earlier. Not only can your local chiropractor decrease overall back pain and prepare your body for childbirth, but there are many more benefits to seeing a chiropractor for your pregnancy. But before we dive into them, we’d like to note that if you are currently experiencing any of the following symptoms, you should get your doctor’s approval before visiting your chiropractor:

  • vaginal bleeding

  • placenta previa or placenta abruption

  • ectopic pregnancy

  • moderate to severe toxemia

1. Better alligned pelvis

As you progress through your pregnancy, your body will continue to change in preparation for your new baby entering the world. To make that transition a smooth one, your chiropractor will help align your pelvis so the baby can move into the best position, which is rear-facing, head down.

When a chiropractor begins to align your pelvic region, they will usually focus on spinal alignment, muscles, joints, and ligaments. Women who visit a chiropractor can start to feel some relief between two to four days after their session.

Additionally, you may begin to experience relief in your neck, joints, muscles, hips, and back, making your pregnancy a more enjoyable experience.

2. Improved nervous system

In our last article, we mentioned how routinely seeing your chiropractor can help reduce any pressure on your spinal cord, which in turn will help the nervous system function in the way it’s supposed to.

A common uncomfortable change that pregnant women face is an increase in nausea and headaches. By allowing your chiropractor to focus on aligning your spinal column, you may begin to feel less nauseous over time.

3. Shorter labor times and decrease in neck pain post-labor

Yes, you read that right! On average, women who routinely visit their chiropractors experience 25% to 31% shorter labor times. It’s believed that this is caused by a better aligned pelvic region, which decreases the constraint on the intrauterine, allowing the baby to pass through the labor canal easier.

Additionally, until your baby is able to crawl or walk on their own, you will be carrying them around everywhere you go, which will cause more strain on your neck and upper back, so seeing your chiropractor post-pregnancy can help add more comfort to your body.

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