Key to Senior Health: Fitness, chiropractic care, and diet (Part 1)

As we continue to age, caring for our bodies is essential not only to assure that we live a long life but that we live a healthy one too. One common piece of advice that people would give to their younger selves is to maintain a more nutritious diet, exercise consistently, and not ignore any issues your body is experiencing.

Whether you are looking to maintain a healthier lifestyle or are helping to implement one for a loved one, the following practices will help you get there.

Over the next couple of weeks, we’ll dive into topics surrounding senior fitness, diet, and chiropractic care. Be sure to check back each Monday for updates.

Witness What Fitness Can Do for You

Why is it important to exercise? By implementing a solid exercise routine into your life, you’ll find it easier to perform activities of daily living, like walking, cooking, using the bathroom, bathing, getting dressed, and getting in and out of bed or chairs. If you fail to maintain a consistent exercise routine, your everyday tasks will likely become harder.

We’ve listed a few of our most popular strength and stretching activities amongst our patients at ProActive Health.


As you get older, your body’s muscle and bone mass will inevitably start to reduce. However, you can slow this process down by incorporating more strength training into your weekly schedule, by using free weights, resistance bands, or your bodyweight.

Sit to Stand Exercise

This exercise is perfect for avoiding assistance with getting up from your couch, bed, or toilet. To begin this exercise, sit in a chair that’s high enough so that you don’t have to use your arms to rise. Once you’re seated and in your own time, begin to sit up and down repeatedly. Do this movement 5-10 times.

Pro tip:

  • Place a chair in front of you for your safety.

  • Move to edge of chair.

  • Keep your back straight.

  • Press through your heels.

Bed to Bridge

This is a fun exercise to do either before you fall asleep or after you wake up in the morning. While laying down in your bed, keep your back flat, and your knees bent on top of the mattress. Begin to raise your hips and hold this position for a couple of seconds. Lower your hips and repeat this movement 5-10 times.

This exercise is excellent for helping you get up and your mobility while walking or standing.


Whether young or old, stretching your body is critical for alleviating joint and muscle pain. A lack of stretching and exercise can affect your body dramatically over time.

Not only will stretching help alleviate any discomfort in your body, but it will also increase your flexibility, which helps in your mobility and daily life. Stretches that target your hips and shoulders are essential. Let’s explore some of our patients’ favorite stretches that they practice at home.

Hip Flexor Stretch

This stretch can help make walking easier and less energy-consuming. To begin, lie on your back with one leg hanging off the side of your bed. Hug your other leg and bring it as close to your chest as possible. You should feel a stretch in your leg that’s hanging off your bed. Hold this stretch for 30 seconds and repeat on the other side.

Pec and Shoulder Stretch

If you experience chest, back, or shoulder pain, this stretch will not only help alleviate the pain but will increase your range of motion. To begin, stand in a doorway and place your hand and forearm on the side of your door. Take one step forward and gently turn your torso away from your arm. Hold this position for 30 seconds and then repeat on the other side.

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