Shockwave Therapy, What It Is, and How It Can Help

January 13, 2023

At ProActive Health, we’re always looking for ways to improve our patients’ conditions by exploring the latest advancements in chiropractic care. That’s why we’re excited to offer our patients our NEW shockwave therapy service. This new offering will help those currently suffering from chronic pain or joint pain.

Today’s article will explore how shockwave therapy works and if it’s the right solution for you.

What is shockwave therapy?

Extracorporeal focused shockwave therapy has been clinically proven to treat people who experience chronic pain in their bodies. More specifically, it's a form of physical therapy targeting deeper conditions such as plantar fasciitis, rotator cuff pains, gluteal muscles/tendons, tendonitis, shoulder pain, knee pain, deep lying trigger points, etc.

How does shockwave therapy work?

Some injuries seem to last forever, especially when it comes to chronic injuries. These injuries occur after the body attempts to heal the affected area time and time again with little success. This response then causes the affected area to build scar tissue making it harder for your body to heal.

However, shockwave therapy, which has been used in Europe for over 20 years, is now widely respected in the United States within the medical field, it uses a special device to transmit high energy acoustic waves to stimulate your body’s cells and its intrinsic healing mechanism. The waves then break up calcium, scar tissue deposits, boost new blood vessel formation and metabolism, and activate your body’s natural healing process.

Is shockwave therapy right for you?

When it comes to shockwave therapy, there’s no downtime. Most patients feel an immediate decrease in pain and an increase in mobility. If you experience neck, spine, shoulder, knee, foot, or elbow pain, you should look into this form of therapy.

Additionally, suppose you have muscle knots, golf’s elbow/knee, tennis elbow, rotator cuff injuries, sprains, and strains. In that case, we highly recommend that you consider scheduling an appointment with one of our chiropractors to learn more about shockwave therapy and the benefits it can offer you.

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Ready to see a chiropractor, whether for the first time or as someone looking to visit a new chiropractic office? Dr. Doug Patterson at ProActive Health is the top choice in the Michiana area! He’ll help guide you in developing a plan to tackle a routine exercise plan, consuming the right foods, and targeting your goals with chiropractic care.

In 1993, Dr. Doug Patterson hurt his back and first sought the care of a Chiropractor. After this experience, he decided he wanted to help people himself by pursuing chiropractic. He is a 1997 graduate of the Life University College of Chiropractic in Marietta, Georgia, and has been in practice for 25+ years. Since then, Dr. Doug has expanded his field of practice to include functional medicine, science-based nutrition, and NOW certified in Shockwave Therapy. Schedule a visit with Dr. Doug at ProActive Health today!

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