Tips to Keep Your Body from Experiencing Pain this Winter

Updated: Jan 26

Winter, which is the season many of us dread, is finally here, and as people from Michiana are used to, it will be a long and cold winter full of too much snow and not enough sun.

At ProActive Health, we recommend that you take extra care of your body during the winter to avoid any unwanted straining on your body as you adapt to the changes in our climate.

Stretch before going outside.

As we’re sure many of you know, with snow comes the constant chore of shoveling your driveway or sidewalk. What seems like a simple task can cause strain on your body, especially your spine, neck, and shoulders. That’s why before you head out your door, you should practice a few dynamic stretches:

  • Arm swings.

  • Shoulder swings.

  • Wrist circles.

  • Lunges.

  • Standing back extension stretch.

  • And more!

It may not seem like it, but thousands of people experience injuries due to overexertion while shoveling snow each year. 11,500, to be exact. That’s why at ProActive Health, we recommend that you take the extra few moments before you head out the door to practice the warm-up stretches we mentioned.

One last tip, when you do go outside to shovel the snow, we recommend that you practice the following form to alleviate strain on your joints and muscles:

  1. Push rather than lift as much as possible.

  2. Try not to throw the snow. Instead, walk to where you want to put it.

  3. Bend with your knees and hips.

  4. Do not use your back to lift; rely on your legs to do the grunt work.

Be sure to bundle up and stay warm.

Since it’s crucial to practice warm-ups before heading outside to shovel the snow, it’s also important to stay warm and protect your joints and muscles from the changes in atmospheric conditions. During the winter, the atmospheric pressure changes dramatically, which causes effects on your overall body. These changes can prevent your joints from moving freely and inevitably cause pain to your body the next day. To help avoid this, try to move your neck when you’re not actively moving by carefully rotating your head from side to side. Additionally, while in a standing position, push your hips out and reach for your toes. And lastly, visit your local chiropractor as they will be able to help keep any tightness in your body at bay by routinely adjusting your spine, joints, and muscles.

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