Why You Haven’t Heard of Shockwave Therapy

January 13, 2023

Recently, at ProActive Health, we have started offering shockwave therapy to our patients. Using a medical-grade shockwave device that transmits highly targeted acoustic signals, we can work to target deeper conditions like plantar fasciitis, rotator cuff pains, gluteal muscles/tendons, tendonitis, shoulder pain, knee pain, deep lying trigger points, bursitis, hip pain, hand pain, etc.

Already our patients are starting to experience the immediate benefits that this form of non-invasive therapy can produce. In today’s article, we’ll look at why most people haven’t heard of shockwave therapy.

Why You Haven’t Heard of Shockwave Therapy

When most people hear the name shockwave therapy, they assume it’s a gimmick, but shockwave therapy has been around since the 80s.

Extracorporeal Shockwave Therapy (EPAT) was used in procedures to break up kidney stones, called lithotripsy. At the time, most people assumed the procedure was done with ultrasounds, but in fact, it was shockwave therapy.

It wasn’t until the late 90s, and early 2000s when Europe started engineering smaller versions of these machines that could be held in the hand and used in general practice.

Since then, shockwave therapy devices have started popping up in more chiropractic offices,hospitals around the country, as well as collegiate and professional sports teams. This has become a favorite for doctors and sports trainers as a non-invasive tool for treating joint pain, muscle aches, carpal tunnel, non-healing fractures, and more. Oh! By the way, ProActive Health is the only office in the area that offers this game-changing treatment to the public.

That’s good to know, but how does it work?

Well, shockwave therapy works by creating a pulse of pressure made of strong sound waves; These waves are powerful enough to be transmitted deep into tissues. When tissues are stimulated by the waves, they respond in various ways that are beneficial to your body and its healing process.

With most muscle or joint injuries, people usually need a few sessions of chiropractic care, massage therapy, deep stretching, or even exercises before they start to experience a difference. However, with shockwave therapy, the process is rather immediate. Sessions usually last for 10-minutes, and afterward, most people leave feeling less discomfort in their bodies.

If you want to explore if this treatment is right for you, contact ProActive Health at 574-271-1771 to schedule your free 20 minute consultation with either Dr. Doug or

Dr. Mike.

Visit us at ProActive Health today to “Align Your Spine, Realign Your Life!”

Ready to see a chiropractor, whether for the first time or as someone looking to visit a new chiropractic office? Dr. Doug Patterson or Dr. Michael Hummer at ProActive Health is the top choice in the Michiana area! They will help guide you in developing a plan to tackle a routine exercise plan, consuming the right foods, and targeting your goals with chiropractic care.

Dr. Doug Patterson hurt his back in 1993 thus he first sought the care of a Chiropractor. After this experience, he decided he wanted to help people himself by pursuing chiropractic. He is a 1997 graduate of the Life University College of Chiropractic in Marietta, Georgia, and has been in practice for 25+ years. Since then, Dr. Doug has expanded his field of practice to include functional medicine,  science-based nutrition, and now certified in Shockwave Therapy. Schedule a visit with Dr. Doug at ProActive Health today!

Dr. Michael Hummer is native to northern Indiana, Michael Hummer grew up very active and found great enjoyment playing football, rugby, and wrestling. Michael earned his undergraduate degree in Dietetics at Ashland University where as a student-athlete he was a member of the varsity wrestling team. After graduation, he went on to become a personal trainer, and through his passion for both fitness and nutrition, he helped people to achieve their own goals and acquire greater health and wellness. At the same time, Michael also enjoyed working with and inspiring the local youth throughout his community through his dedication as a volunteer wrestling coach. Now, student doctor, Hummer is nearing the end of his graduate curriculum and will soon earn his Doctorate of Chiropractic from Logan University. In this new chapter Michael is excited to apply his education and versatile skillset in aiding the community as they strive for greater health and happiness. Dr. Michael is now certified in Shockwave Therapy. Schedule a visit with Dr. Mike at ProActive Health today!

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